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who we are

Quadair Academy is dedicated to providing a professional training experience at the best price with a corporate commitment to meet your airline training and type rating goals. Our staff and facilities are prepared to deliver the highest quality training at the best value for our customer.


Lead the industry with an ambitious, responsible and flexible business outlook which creates the added-value for the clients, partners, shareholders and employees.


Provide you with the flexible aviation training solutions that are the driving force behind the safer aviation industry. Simultaneously, fulfil our ambitious growth and responsible business practice development.

What makes us unique

We prepare every candidate to meet the tough challenges of the tourism industry and help them prosper in this realm.

Globally Recognized

Well researched and customized courses that helps one prepare for the Industry.

Communication Skills

Interpersonal and Language skills to help the candidate communicate effectively in English not only at work but in life as well.

Grooming and Personality

We cover important topics in skin and hair care, make-up techniques western and traditional attires as well as grooming.

Research & Development

Quadair keeps updating the study materials, audiovisual digital content and teaching notes to ensure effective learning and positive transformation

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Your Career in Aviation with Quadair

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Quadair teaches our participants a whole new way to take on the world. It's high tech, global and innovative, always about taking the lead and putting them into action.