Pilot Ground Classes

Pilot Ground Classes

Although you need flight instruction to learn how to fly airplanes, ground training is equally important to become a competent pilot.  In pilot ground classes you learn the theory about how airplanes fly, the weather, and several other aviation-related topics. The goal of ground training is to help you pass the knowledge test. Becoming a pilot requires knowledge and skill, and you can only obtain those two through quality training in both ground training and flight training.


6 Months



Age Limits

Above 17 years

Course Description

It is a structured course with lesson plans, classroom lectures, and tests to demonstrate comprehension. In ground training, Quadair prepares you with sufficient aeronautical knowledge to operate an aircraft safely. Ground training is crucial to passing the knowledge test, which is a requirement to obtain most pilot licenses.

While in ground training, you learn about aerodynamics, meteorology, and navigation among many other aviation-related topics. The training also includes operational knowledge, such as aircraft characteristics, inflight procedures, and radio communications.

Eligibility Criteria

For the eligibility part, you need to have Physics and Maths so the Science stream is preferred and if you are not from the science stream then you can appear for Maths or Physics from the regular university or from National Institute of Open University (NIOS). Once you have cleared these exams, then you will be eligible to pursue CPL.

Admission Criteria

  • Cleared off class 12 exams and have medical certificate
  • A Class II Medical (Indian) with fitness certificate from designated medical practitioner.Please note for issue of CPL License Class I Medical would be necessary.
  • At least 16 years of age to start pilot training. Vision in one eye must be perfect. (6/6 eyesight) In the other eye, you could have an imperfection of 6/9, which must be correctable to 6/6. You must be free of any disease that can hamper normal function.

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