Pilot Training(CPL)

Pilot Training(CPL)

The job of a pilot is a highly specialised one. It requires knowledge of air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports, operating sophisticated electronic and mechanical controls, leading the aircraft under adverse circumstances, and being a leader to the flight crew and passengers under climatic and other emergency situations.

You will be responsible for the passengers, the crew and the aircraft. Hence you must have discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence.

At Quadair, the aspiring pilots can expect to receive the best guidance for the pilot's License Conversion Examination conducted by DGCA, Govt. of India, at the lowest possible cost with the advantage of being taught by the professionals holding the licenses from DGCA who readily share their experiences with the students that enriches them and come handy in their overall performance.


6 Months



Age Limits

17 above

Course Description

Pilot Training comprises two parts. Ground Training and Flying Training!

Ground Training covers the theory subjects of Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Technical Subjects and RTR(A). (The detailed syllabus is mentioned in the Curriculum link above) These subjects are to be studied and the exams of the same conducted by DGCA are to be passed by the CPL candidates.

Eligibility Criteria

For the eligibility part, you need to have Physics and Maths so the Science stream is preferred and if you are not from the science stream then you can appear for Maths or Physics from the regular university or from National Institute of Open University (NIOS). Once you have cleared these exams, then you will be eligible to pursue CPL.

Admission Criteria

  • Cleared off class 12 exams and have medical certificate
  • The medical certificate needs to be obtained from AFCME or IAM.
  • The candidate needs to be of 17 years of age.
  • The candidate needs to complete theoretical aspects in air regulations, aviation meteorology, air navigation, seamanship and more.

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